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Pavan Muttepawar
Research Assistant
Real name: 

Research Interest:

I am working as a Research Assistant at ATREE, Bangalore with Dr. Priyanka Jamwal for the UCAM-BES Project (University of Cambridge- Bioelectric Setup). My research involves studying Bioelectric Chemical System for treating wastewater and monitoring of effluent quality. The project was developed on three pillars: i)building an experimental prototype where the local vascular plant T. latifolia was integrated with a BES; ii) test the wastewater treatment efficiency of the built prototype; iii) test the electrical output of the constructed prototypes. 

My work profile includes:

  • Operation and maintenance of BES systems.
  • Sample collection and testing for various parameters. 
  • Analysis and interpretation of water quality data.
  • Presentation and report writing.

At my free time, I read Books, Play Chess and go out Cycling.


B. Tech in Civil and Water Management Engineering from Shri Guru Gobind Singhji Institute of Engineering and Technology (SGGSIET), Nanded.