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Seidler, R. and Bawa, K.S. 2016 Opinion: India faces a long and winding path to green climate solutions. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 113(44): 12337-12340.
Seidler, R. and Bawa, K.S. 2016 Ancient Risks, Current Challenges in the Himalayas. Economic & Political Weekly, 51(41): 63-67.

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Lélé, S., V. Srinivasan, and K.S. Bawa. , 2001 , Returns to Investment in Conservation: Disaggregated Benefit-Cost Analysis of the Creation of a Wildlife Sanctuary , K.N. Ganeshaiah, R.U. Shaanker, and K.S. Bawa, (Eds). Proceedings of International Conference on Tropical Ecosystems: Structure, Diversity and Human Welfare, Oxford IBH Publishing, New Delhi, pp.31-33.
Bawa, K. S., S. Lélé, K. S. Murali and B. Ganesan. , 1999 , Extraction of non-timber forest products in Biligiri Rangan Hills, India: Monitoring a community-based project , in Anonymous (Ed.), Measuring Conservation Impact: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Project Monitoring and Evaluation, Biodiversity Support Program, World Wildlife Fund, Washington, D.C., pp.89-102.
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