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Journal Articles

Subramanyam Ragupathy, Adam C. Faller, Dhivya Shanmughanandhan, Prasad Kesanakurti, R. Uma Shaanker, Gudasalamani Ravikanth, Ramalingam Sathishkumar, Narayanasamy Mathivanan, Jingyuan Song f, Jianping Han f, Steven Newmaster 2019 Exploring DNA quantity and quality from raw materials to botanical extracts Heliyon 5 (2019) e01935 https://doi.org/10.1016/j.heliyon.2019.e01935
T. P. Sajitha, R. Siva, B. L. Manjunatha, P. Rajani, Gogna Navdeep, Dorai Kavita, G. Ravikanth, R. Uma Shaanker 2019 Sequestration of the plant secondary metabolite, colchicine, by the noctuid moth Polytela gloriosae (Fab.) Chemoecology https://doi.org/10.1007/s00049-019-00283-3

Book Chapters

Ravikanth G, Siddappa S, Harisha, R. P, Madegowda C and Venkata Naidu , 2019 , Honey and Gooseberry-Non-timber forest products: economic valuation and conservation challenges. In: Economic valuation of potential Bioresources for Access and Benefit Sharing. , Economic valuation of bio-resources from select ecosystems.
Santhosh Kumar J. U, Krishna V, Srirama R, Uma Shaanker R and Ravikanth G , 2017 , DNA barcoding for assessing adulteration and for detecting illegal trade of economically important trees species of India , Proceedings of the National Seminar on Bioresource Conservation and Utilization
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Arunima Sikder

  • Biodiversity Monitoring and Conservation Planning
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Barkha Subba

  • Research Associate, ATREE
  • Biodiversity Monitoring and Conservation Planning


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Dr. G Ravikanth
Senior Fellow (Associate Professor), Suri Sehgal Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation
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  • Ph. D (Agri) in (Crop Physiology) in 2004, UAS, Bangalore 
  • M. Sc (Agri) in (Crop Physiology) in 1999, UAS, Bangalore
  • B. Sc (Forestry) in 1996 from Forestry College, Ponnompet South Kodagu


Dr. Ravikanth’s research over the last 20 years has focused on applying molecular tools in the context of tropical forest conservation and species recovery. He has led multiple research projects focusing on forest genetic resources that provide critical societal value. His empirical work has largely focused on Conservation genetics and molecular ecology, examining local patterns of spatial genetic structure across a range of economically important species. A core research focus has been on enhancing the conservation and sustainable use of Forest Genetic Resources to deliver sustainable development. He has also focused on developing tools and research outputs to manage forest genetic resources of Western Ghats for forest landscape restoration and livelihoods.

Ravikant’s recent research has been on developing DNA barcodes for number medicinal plants. He has used DNA barcoding to assess the extent of adulteration in herbal trade. He is also assessing the impacts of harvesting on the genetic structure of plant populations. Ravikanth’s research interests can be broadly divided into:

  1. Understanding the genetic consequences of harvesting/ habitat degradation/fragmentation
  2. Evolution and Molecular systematics
  3. Biogeography and Phylogeography
  4. Chemical Ecology and Bioprospecting

His research integrates molecular, ecological, phylogenetics and niche modelling tools to address some fundamental research questions.  His research group works across various taxa, including plants, amphibians and molluscs. 


  • SENIOR FELLOW (Associate Professor, 2017 –till date), Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and Environment, Royal Enclave, Srirampura, Jakkur Post, Bangalore – 560064

  • FELLOW -2 (Associate Professor, 2012 –2017), Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and Environment, Royal Enclave, Srirampura, Jakkur Post, Bangalore – 560064

  • FELLOW-1 (Assistant Professor, 2008 -2012), Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and Environment, Royal Enclave, Srirampura, Jakkur Post, Bangalore – 560064

  • POSTDOCTORAL FELLOW, (Jan 2004- Oct 2008), Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and Environment, Royal Enclave, Srirampura, Jakkur Post, Bangalore – 560064

  • SENIOR RESEARCH FELLOW (Aug 2001- Dec 2003), University of Agricultural Sciences, GKVK, Bangalore-560065


  • Sandeep Sen
  • Priti Hebbar
  • Barkha Subba
  • Madhushree Munshi (Co-supervisor) 


  • Yangchen Bhutia
  • Nobin Raja
  • Arunima Sikder
  • Geethika E (Co-Supervisor)
  • Bhavani Shanker (Co-Supervisor)


Phone: 091-080-23635555 (110)
Email: gravikanth@atree.orggravikanth@gmail.com
Fax: 091-080-23530070

Thesis Title: 
“Population genetic structure of important tree species in fragmented habitats in the Central Western Ghats”
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