Cartoons in Conservation Communication

Cartoons in Conservation Communication

31.07.2019, Wednesday
ATREE Auditorium


At a time when readers' attention spans are shortening drastically, conservation communication often repels rather than sensitizes the layman. Cartoons could help bridge this communication gap and extend a friendly handshake from conservation science to a lay reader.

About the speaker

Rohan is a cartoonist, illustrator and animation designer from Nagpur and the creator of Green Humour, a series of cartoons on wildlife and conservation. Green Humour is the first series of comics from India to be distributed internationally by a major syndicate (Universal Press’ ‘Gocomics’), and appears periodically in wildlife magazines and newspapers. He also collaborates with organizations working on wildlife and conservation to produce illustrated awareness material. He has won awards by the UNDP, Sanctuary Asia, WWF International, and the Royal Bank of Scotland for his work. He is the author of  'The Great Indian Nature Trail' and 'Bird Business'. Rohan is notorious for rolling up into a ball like a pangolin to avoid answering the phone or meeting people.