The Green Hub Story: Video as a Tool for Conservation Action

The Green Hub Story: Video as a Tool for Conservation Action

15.03.2019, Friday
ATREE Auditorium


Video is a strong tool for conservation action. Green Hub project  was initiated in 2015 with the idea to engage and empower the youth and community across the northeast region in conservation and social change  through an innovative model of using the visual medium.

Today in its 4th year, and an alumni of 55 across the region, small steps are being taken towards conservation action.  What have been the success stories and the challenges? What are the strands of growth emerging from this video for change project?  

About the speaker

Rita is one of the leading environment filmmakers in India, and her work has been grounded in using communication as a strong tool for conservation action. In 2017 she was awarded the National Geographic – CMS  Prithvi Ratna Award for contribution to environment through films and the RBS Earth Heroes award in 2018.  She has been part of three Panda Award winning films, also known as the Green Oscar at Wildscreen, UK, including ‘Shores of Silence – Whale Sharks in India’, that led to the ban on killing of Whale Sharks in India, and ‘The Wild Meat Trail’, that lead to conservation initiative in the northeast of India. Her core work now is engaging and empowering the youth, especially from the indigenous and grass-roots community, in conservation and social change through the use of the visual medium.  She heads the Dusty Foots Productions and the Green Hub Fellowship programme.