Our team is our most valuable asset. We capitalize on the diverse backgrounds and perspective of our people who share the collective commitment towards our vision.


Dr. Nirmalya Chatterjee's picture

Dr. Nirmalya Chatterjee

Fellow, ATREE Eastern Himalayas
  • Ecosystem Services & Human Wellbeing
Dr. Priyadarsanan Dharmarajan's picture

Dr. Priyadarsanan Dharmarajan

Senior Fellow & Program Leader (Ecosytems & Global Change)
  • Biodiversity Monitoring and Conservation Planning
Dr. Priyanka Jamwal's picture

Dr. Priyanka Jamwal

Fellow, Centre for Environment and Development
  • Water, Land & Society
Dr. R Ganesan's picture

Dr. R Ganesan

Fellow, Suri Sehgal Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation
  • Biodiversity Monitoring and Conservation Planning
Dr. Sarala Khaling's picture

Dr. Sarala Khaling

Regional Director, Management, Gangtok
Dr. Sharachchandra Lele's picture

Dr. Sharachchandra Lele

Distinguished Fellow in Environmental Policy & Governance
  • Water, Land & Society