Whither One Health in India? Challenges to Adopting Global Strategies for Tackling Zoonotic Diseases

Paul, M. M., Jadeja, N. B., Sidhu, N. and Vanak, A. T. Whither One Health in India: Why globally accepted strategies for tackling zoonotic diseases have yet to put down roots in India. Economic and Political Weekly. Revised version submitted to EPW Journal.
Paul, M. M., Jadeja, N. B., Sidhu, N. and Vanak, A. T.
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Vol. 55, Issue No. 49, 12 Dec, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has sharply brought into focus how intrusions into natural landscapes are not just environmental concerns, but are also intricately entangled with public health. Little attention has been paid to systemic causes such as large-scale biodiversity loss that underlie the emergence and re-emergence of these diseases. Institutional networks of public and animal health in India that are involved in the surveillance and control of zoonoses are outlined herein. It is shown that the lack of a systematic framework that explicitly involves institutions that manage biodiversity and wildlife health leads to gaps in operationalising a One Health framework in India. Addressing these lacunae requires a supra-ministerial mechanism that brings together public health, ecology, and veterinary and social sciences to combat the threats posed by existing and emerging zoonoses.

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Dr. Abi Tamim Vanak
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