Dr. Chandrashekar Hariharan

Dr. Chandrashekar Hariharan
Chairman, Biodiversity Conservation India Limited, Bengaluru, India

Dr. Chandrashekar Hariharan is an Indian environmental economist, eco-entrepreneur, writer, policy advocate, and urban analyst. He is Chairman, Biodiversity Conservation India Limited (BCIL) group of companies, Chairman, AltTech Foundation, and Strategy Advisor for the new Bengaluru Central University, apart from being mentor for companies and institutions in the sustainability space. As founder of BCIL, he has been a very early pioneer of green and energy-efficient buildings.

Over the last 35 years, he has been steering, energy and water policy and making significant contributions to evolving methodology for sustainability practices in industry and academia.

Dr. Hariharan has founded and built businesses that mainstreamed technologies and solutions for zero energy development in built environment spaces and practices. He has been a key resource person at the Indian Green Building Council which has risen from a mere 20,000 Square feet of certified green buildings to a staggering six billion Square feet in 2018.

A prolific writer and columnist, he has influenced a whole new generation of entrepreneurs and educators to take to green businesses. His work on watershed development offers practicable and cost-effective solutions for water management in the rural hinterland and urban areas.