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Sony R.K., Sandeep Sen, Sunil Kumar, Monalisa Sen, K.M. Jayahari 2018 Niche models inform the effects of climate change on the endangered Nilgiri Tahr (Nilgiritragus hylocrius) populations in the southern Western Ghats, India Ecological Engineering 120 (2018) 355–363,
Sandeep Sen, Shivaprakash K. N, Aravind N. A, Ravikanth G and Dayanandan S 2016 Ecological niche modeling for conservation planning of an endemic snail in the verge of becoming a pest in cardamom plantations in the Western Ghats Biodiversity hot-spot. Ecology and Evolution doi: 10.1002/ece3.2368
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Sandeep Sen
Research Associate, Bangalore
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Center of origin of Black pepper and Phylogeny of Genus Piper in India