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A research highlight is a interesting snippet from ATREE's research. These items are displayed on the home page.

Why is the Arkavathy drying?

While the decreasing inflows to the TG Halli reservoir is attributed to decreasing rainfall or blockages in the river channels, a new study suggests reasons may lie elsewhere...more

Grassland/ wasteland: the politics of nomenclature

Miscellaneous use of grasslands compromises the habitat that supports critically endangered species...more

Cities, climate and water

Urbanization and climate change impact availability, quality and distribution of water....more

Global climate change impacts vegetation on tropical mountains

Early warning: global climate change can severely disrupt the delicate balance of life...more

Wild edible plants as a link between habitat, need and culture

Wild edible plant use is a living link with the surrounding habitat. It not only meets subsistence level needs ...more

Frog song and climate science

An analysis of canopy and ground anuran activity combined with readings on climate could help us understand the effect of climate change on amphibian populations ...more

Once upon a lake

A report on Bengaluru’s system of lakes and canal networks makes recommendations for restoring a traditional, well-planned system of water bodies ...more

Jatropha: Too good to be true?

A collaborative study questions the claim of Jatropha as a super crop that will combat climate change and address the problem of rural poverty ...more

Climate change: Local observations consistent with scientific findings

There is a widespread feeling that weather is getting warmer, the water sources are drying up ...more

Watershed services of tropical forests: from hydrology to economic valuation to integrated analysis

'Watershed services' provided by forest ecosystems are receiving increasing attention in the research and policy arena. Changes in forest cover in tropical regions take many different forms...more

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