Research Highlight

A research highlight is a interesting snippet from ATREE's research. These items are displayed on the home page.

World Water Day 2017: Panel discussion

ATREE is celebrating World Water Day with a panel discussion on the potential of recycling wastewater in urban regions ...more

Forest people in transition: A photo essay

The festivals, weddings, and harvest rituals of forest-dwelling communities ...more

Women’s Day Blogs

ATREE’s women researchers’ blog about the travails and joys of field work ...more

Into the grasslands of India

Grasslands form a complex landscape used by people and wildlife ...more

Farmers feel the pinch of declining harrier numbers

Harriers are critical species that feeds on the locusts and grasshoppers that could damage crops ...more

Threatened wildlife of the Eastern Ghats

Forest conversion is threatening the unique wildlife of the Eastern Ghats ...more

Taking science beyond academia

A vision to extend science beyond academia led Priyanka Jamwal to be one of the driving forces against water pollution ...more

Conference celebrates 20 years of ATREE

More than 600 participants participated in the ATREE@20 conference ...more

Conference sessions on Biodiversity, Climate, Forests and Water

Keynote speeches, invited talks, and panel discussions on the four themes of the ATREE@20 conference ...more

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