Soil erosion‐induced carbon redistribution affecting terrestrial and aquatic carbon sequestration, storage and release

@ATREE auditorium at 3.45 pm on 4th March 2016

The role of soil erosion‐induced lateral soil organic carbon (SOC) redistribution in terrestrial carbon sequestration and release remains one of the most important uncertainties in our attempts to determine the potential of soils to mediate climate change. Moreover, soil organic carbon inputs into inland waters may modify and/or amplify greenhouse gas fluxes from these inland waters. In my talk, I will highlight some research results dealing with soil erosion‐induced C fluxes affecting carbon sequestration, storage and release in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Contents will range from (i) small scale terrestrial process studies, (ii) regional modelling of effects of different land management upon SOC redistribution and SOC stocks in Central Europe, (iii) soil redistribution and SOC pattern studies from the tropics, to (iv) greenhouse gas fluxes from small water harvesting lakes in Tamil Nadu. The talk will close with some recent project ideas to couple terrestrial and aquatic C fluxes in a small south Indian catchment.

Dr. Peter Fiener is a full Professor at the Institute of Geography at Universität Augsburg in Germany. From 2011 to 2012 he was full professor at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India. He did his Habilitation at the Institute of Geography at the University Cologne, focusing on pattern and processes interactions affecting lateral water and matter transport in agricultural landscapes. His PhD was carried out in the framework of an interdisciplinary project focused on sustainable agriculture, where he was measuring and modelling surface runoff and soil erosion.

His research foci are:

  1. Measuring and modelling of surface runoff, soil erosion and lateral matter fluxes.
  2. Analysis of effects of spatio-temporal patterns, structures and connectivity in agricultural landscapes upon water and matter fluxes.
  3. Coupling lateral water and matter fluxes with biogeochemical processes in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.
  4. Sustainable use of water and soil resources.

Peter Fiener is a reviewer for the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) as well as for other European funding agencies including the European Commission. He is also an associated editor of the European Geosciences Union’s Copernicus Journal SOIL.