Workshop on Communicating Science to a Non-Scientific Audience

The Academy organised a workshop titled Communicating Science to a Non-Scientific Audience on 18th January. The workshop intended to explore ways of engaging non-scientific audiences in ecological research and also to convey complex information in an accessible way. 

After a discussion of best practice, the participants had an opportunity to engage their creativity and apply these ideas to their own research using a medium of their choice. It ended with a feedback session, in which participants communicated their inputs as what can be produced in an open, constructive environment.

Dr. Matthew Creasey conducted the workshop. Dr. Matthew is an ecologist and science writer, currently undertaking a writing fellowship with ATREE and the Dakshin Foundation. He has been an editor and regular contributor for Current Conservation since 2015 and has written for a variety of other magazines, both online and in print, on topics ranging from hummingbird migration to caterpillar poo. His first children’s book was published in 2017.

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