ATREE at the U.S-India Campus Tech Connect

ATREE Fellow, Priyanka Jamwal, PhD scholar, Sumita Bhattacharyya and, Communications Associate, Kruthika Rao were part of the U.S-India Campus Tech Connect, a mega exhibition at IIT Madras’ SHAASTRA 2019. The exhibition held on January 4th and January 5th, 2019 showcased US-India relationship in areas of science and technology, innovation and research and development.

The projects showcased by ATREE included: Strategic In-stream Systems (STRAINS), Streamflow generation in a drying catchment outside Bangalore, The Banni grasslands in a time of change: Ecological and socioeconomic resilience in a coupled human-natural system, Citizen Lake Dashboard on Bangalore’s Lakes and Managing India's Forests for Biodiversity and Human Well-being in the Face of Global Environmental Change.

These five US funded projects highlighted the role of collaborative research in addressing environmental issues in India.

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