ATREE Conducts Citizen Science Workshop at Tezpur

ATREE conducted a citizen science workshop on 'Exploring the Treasure Trove of Insects' at the Green Hub Festival  at Tezpur, Assam recently. The workshop was part of a Department of Biotechnology funded project - 'Bioresources and Sustainable Livelihoods in Northeast India'. The project is an initiative towards strengthening both Science and Sustainable Development in Northeast India.


The workshop had lectures by Dr. Prathapan K. D, Kerala Agricultural University and ATREE's Priyadarsanan Dharma Rajan and Seena Narayanan. Besides lectures which were attended by over 200 participants, the workshop also had a field component with a selected group of participants. They were showed ways to collect insects and identify them. A separate laboratory session was also conducted to identify insects.


This workshop was organised along with Green Hub (GH), which trains youth from the Northeast Region (NER) for conservation action and social change through the digital medium. The GH festival is an annual conservation programme that aims to raise awareness, celebrate, debate and examine environment and conservation vis-à-vis other critical issues. This year’s theme, Youth for Forests' focused on forests as key to ecological security and healing, for both people and wildlife. ATREE participated in the festival to introduce the world of insects and their role in forests and food security.

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