The Khoshoo Earthian Trophy 2011-12 winners are Rishi Valley School and IIM, Kozhikode

Recognizing that the situation of water availability and the reasons for its shortage are far different in rural and urban areas of India, Rishi Valley School set about to examine the water situation in its immediate environment—that is the Valley. Their assessment and solutions fit The Khoshoo Earthian frame of ‘actionable’ ideas. The team reviewed historical data on practices relating to water usage over the last 20 years. One unique source was students’ record of water usage, taken up as part of school curriculum over the last five years. Read more about their project: Water and the Valley. Arjun Ashoka, Aryaman Jal, Ishaan Agrawal, Samvit Sengupta, Nihal Saldana, Kabir Srivastav, Devdarshan Bastola Tanmay Bedi are the group that made up this team.

In the college category, the Khoshoo Earthian Trophy 2011-12 award goes to Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode, for their submission on Integrating Solid Waste Management and Organic Farming, within the theme: Cities and Communities, Agriculture, Role of Policies, Regulations. Their paper addresses the issue of inorganic farming and associated deterioration of soil quality, as well as perceptions that discourage farmers from using organic methods. A parallel investigation into the problems besetting solid waste management in Kerala lead the team to create a Mobius of one issue being part of the solution for the other issue. The IIMK team proposes a hub and spoke system of waste collection, its treatment and disposal as organic manure and pesticide. The IIMK team members are Sivaharsh S, Raj B, Praveen S, Paresh Mali, Monica Pachori. Read more…

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